Friday, July 5, 2013

How NOT to honor a veteran

I am proud to say that Rep. Tammy Duckworth is local to the Chicago area.

Who is she?  Rep. Duckworth is a combat veteran of the United States Army.  She flew helicopters in Iraq.  She was injured, lost both of her legs, and might one day lose an arm.

So you can imagine how she felt meeting a chump named Braulio Castillo.

Castillo is an IRS contractor who believes that as an injured "veteran," he should get preferred consideration when it comes to government contracts.  When was he wounded?  While playing football at his military prep school.  That's right.  He never served in the actual military.

You can watch Rep. Duckworth's response here.

As Duckworth points out, most injured veterans are waiting months at a time for treatment.  Part of the reason for that is bozos like Castillo who are trying to bilk the political system.  I have good friends who have served and it peeves me to no end that there are greedy hucksters trying to do end-runs around them.

Do you want to "support the troops?"  I mean, beyond just slapping a yellow ribbon on your car?  Pass this news along and let's try to keep people like Mr. Castillo's hands off of what is not theirs.

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