Wednesday, July 17, 2013

For the climate change denialist who has everything

I have been having those discussions again.

You know, the ones with representatives of that shrinking population that dismisses climate change?  While nosing around online, I happened across The Ethicurean Gift Guide which sells this coffee mug that is "The perfect gag gift for the climate-change skeptic in your family."

The cup itself has a map of the world printed upon it.  When hot liquid is poured in, the sea levels rise and coastal areas submerge.

Now a few Christmases ago, I got my Dad the baby Jesus coffee mug, the one with a small, European-style hamlet at night printed upon it.   When you add coffee or whatever to that one, the sun comes out in the form of baby Jesus and illuminates the scene.  I thought I'd topped all with that mug, but this climate-change statement has it beat.  It even has little gobbets of "CO2" spiraling upward into what would be the atmosphere.

And it's all just $12.  It's fun, it's affordable, and you get to ruin the world every morning.  What more could you want?

I'm imagining what the 1980s version of this cup would have looked like.  Pour your hot beverage in and nuclear mushroom clouds sprout up all over targets in the U.S., Soviet Union, and Europe.

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  1. On Facebook, PeaceOnEarth said: "Lol! Good one!"