Friday, July 19, 2013

Glitchy maps app creates warped landscapes

Apple has had a few problems.

Among them has been its Apple Maps program which didn't seem to work right straight out of the gate. For instance, when one would go to 3D viewing, "Cities were peppered with warped buildings and other strange Daliesque distortions" as described by Wired.

However, a Swedish man took a liking to these glaring imperfections and now curates a virtual art gallery of the images.  Peder Norrby is a software engineer and is sympathetic to Apple's plight, pointing out the difficulty that an app can have translating a 2D source into a 3D image.  Certainly the programmer geeks at Apple are knocking themselves out in an attempt to stop the bleeding, but like Norrby, I too am fascinated by the pictures rendered by this glitch.

Click the link and take a look at a few of the images.  A 747 looks like it's melting in the sun.  City blocks also appear to be melting and intersecting highways become another surreal structure altogether.  I really do think it's art of an accidental nature.

Norrby also is fair in saying that Google Maps is not immune from having similar issues but many of them are generated by users.  What I refer to is the spotting of "anomalous objects" in select map views.  A few years back, Whitley Strieber posted about a "Google Maps Mystery" on his site, claiming a saucer-like UFO could be seen over Magnolia Park, Florida.  Other theories include a speck of dust or a map alignment grid.  As of 2007, the object no longer appears in photos, this according to a note on Strieber's site.  A similar incident took place in 2008 when what looked like yet another saucer UFO was found on Google Earth over the Bristol Channel in the UK.  I mean, it really does look like one.  It's an obviously physical object and it renders a shadow upon the water.

Too bad it's really a water outlet for a power station.

I suspect none of these findings will prevent future spottings of Google "anomalies."

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