Tuesday, July 9, 2013

I have spambots!

I suppose it was inevitable.

The spambots have found my blog.  I try to keep the comments section open, even to anonymous commenters.  I figure that since I approve all comments, I can always delete if I want to and keep jerks from being...well, jerks (if you're curious about my criteria for the term "jerk," please click here for my comments guidelines.)  I have refrained from instituting word capture, but it's something I may have to consider.

Most of the time it's a comment stated in broken English, something to the effect of "Good info well written need more."  The ID link of course goes to a "blog" for Internet pharmaceutical sales. These spambots are really beyond comprehension.

Thankfully, my Gmail account has a very effective spam filter.  I've been enjoying that email account since ditching Yahoo.  I mean, I still use Yahoo from time to time but the spam on that account was overwhelming.  Just to satisfy my sick curiosity, I logged in to Yahoo just to see what kind of spam I was getting.  Here's a sample:

Singles near you!
Get a Fingerhut credit line!
Can this 10 second trick help PREVENT your  (my what?  I don't know.  The subject header cut off...and I'm damn sure not clicking on the message to find out.)
Infant layettes (not grammatically correct, but I'm just impressed they used the word "layettes.")

Seriously, I don't know where it all comes from.  I know it's damn near free marketing and if they get just *one* sap to click a link, it's paid for itself.  Still...

Looking at the spam headers, I'm wondering about a Burroughs-like cutup story.  Maybe a TV series.

Sorry folks.  It's late.

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  1. Those are hilarious. Stuff like that is why I started a spam blog.

    I hope the ten second trick works for whatever it's used for.

  2. Whatever happened to the good ol' Nigerian scam? I saw article once eight years ago (long time, I know) about a guy who responded to one with Lovecraftian fiction.