Thursday, February 13, 2014

Doctor Who regenerates at Titan Comics

The Doctor is changing so he might as well change comic book publishers while he's at it.

Last month, Titan Comics announced that it has reclaimed its license to Doctor Who and will be writing a new series on collaboration with BBC Worldwide.  Naturally, this means that IDW will end its series and those stories will likely leave continuity in terms of comic books.

As any Doctor Who fan can tell you, the Doctor regenerates from time to time, bringing about a version of the character with a new look, a personality, and often a new orientation towards the universe in general.  This very regeneration occurred just last December with the Doctor Who Christmas Special as Matt Smith turned the role over to Peter Capaldi.  Interestingly enough, this new series from Titan will not only involve Capaldi's Doctor, but Smith's as well as David Tennant's and Christopher Eccleston's incarnations.

This will give Titan a wider range to play with and an ability to bring fans of Tennant and Smith...who appear to be ardent to say the least.  That said, what are the stories going to look like?  Naturally Titan isn't talking.  That is other than saying it will be "jaw-dropping." I mean, what are they going to say?  "It's gonna be awright."

And thus I wish I could say more about it.  I have enjoyed what little I have read from IDW but there doesn't seem to be any reason to believe that the quality should dip, especially given that the BBC is involved.  I mean come on, Marvel once had a Doctor Who series, how bad could this one be?

Besides, the Doctor probably belongs in British hands.  Perfect reading to go with Earl Grey and a pluvial day...of which I look forward to greatly after two months of snow and sub-zero cold.

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  1. On FB, The New Wave Priest said: "What I really want is a collection of those crazy Pertwee Doctor comics from the 70s. The ones I've managed to find have been glorious."


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