Monday, February 10, 2014

The Laredo UFO crash

After hearing about so many UFO crashes (Roswell, Shag Harbour, Kecksberg, et. al.) I begin to wonder how "aliens" can make it across the vastness space but seem screwed the minute they hit our atmosphere.

Anyway, I heard of a UFO crash in 1948 near Laredo, Texas.  I was unaware of this incident, even though what I've read of it so far carries similarities with the alleged Coyame crash which I've blogged about previously. 

True details of this alleged crash came from a UFO researcher named Leonard H. Stringfield who in his 1978 self-published book, Retrievals of the Third Kind--A Case Study of Alleged UFOs and Occupants in Military Custody, claimed that a highly-placed military contact had told him about this fallen saucer.  Here's how the story is said to go:

Almost one year to the day after the Roswell crash, a silver disc-shaped UFO was seen over the skies of New Mexico headed southwest towards Texas.  Air Force fighter jets intercepted and pursued the object until it crashed in Mexico, just across the border from Laredo.  With this military pursuit, a few investigators have conjectured that the UFO might have been brought down by force as there seems no other outward reason for the crash.  As always, those who would really know ain't talking.

George Marshall, Secretary of State at the time, is then said to have obtained permission from the Mexican government to enter Mexico and retrieve the crash of "an experimental aircraft." Mexico okayed it and a response team was flown in from White Sands while a convoy of Army trucks moved in to remove the wreckage.  Not only was crash debris found, but there was also said to be the charred remains of an alien occupant.  Supposed photographs of this alien gave rise to "Tomato Man" case.

I remembered seeing this photograph in UFO books when I was young (incidentally, the link also has a bit more information on the Laredo crash.)  The photo is said to depict the burned corpse of a being a bit over four feet in height with a head that is quite large in comparison to the rest of the body. The moniker of "Tomato Man" was due mainly to this disproportionate and completely round head.  Other findings from the autopsy showed that the entity had no thumbs or visible reproductive organs.  The eyes had burned away in the fire, but the large sockets indicated the same size and perhaps style of eyes that the Grays are reported to have.

Yeah.  Too bad Kevin Randle pretty much debunked the entire "Tomato Man" photograph as being actually that of human remains from a plane crash, but believe what you want.

What was this really?  A meteor impact that got distorted by the grapevine?  A secret military aircraft that went down?  Or was it exactly as alleged, a UFO crash?  Another one of many it would seem.  Funny how that happens to beings with supposedly advanced technology.  All cynicism aside, it would be improper for me to make an argument one way or the other on Laredo, at least not without a great deal more reading. Far be it from me to be a blatherskite on a subject of which I know nothing, right?  He says, winking.

Speaking of reading, this book by Noe Torres on the subject may need to go onto the to-read pile.

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