Monday, February 24, 2014

UFOs and power outages

There is an aspect of the UFO phenomenon that intrigues me as well as causes me to roll my eyes.

All right, there are several things that fit that description, but today I would like to focus on the supposed connection between UFOs and power outages.  I wish to caution you, however, that this post represents only my first fumbling forays into the subject.  If the information seems incomplete, well...that's because it is.  Think of it as "blogging out loud."

Such a connection between UFOs and power outages has long been alleged.  One of the most well-known power blackouts, New York City in November of 1965, had its share of UFO sightings accompanying it.  The day before the blackout that sent the city and six neighboring states into darkness, a private pilot reported seeing a "round, glowing object near the Niagara Falls power plant" or so Frank McGee reported for NBC News (I'm a bit leery of the validity of that link, but when talking about UFOs what else is new?)  There were other sightings of the standard, "silver, metallic disc" type of UFO in the region.  It should be cautioned, however, that such sightings are corollary and not causal.  To say the least.

The New York case was not the last one.  In November of 2009, a UFO was sighted over the hydroelectric plant of Joaquin V. Gonzalez, Argentina just before approximately 20,000 people lost power.  The object, according to witnesses, was an elongated saucer with "intermittent lights like flashers."  What's more, a similar object was said have been sighted in nearby El Tunal where it supposedly melted one of the turbines in that town's power generator, guessed it...a blackout.

Are UFOs just attracted to power plants?  Dr. Donald Johnson sure seems to think that they are, at least to the nuclear variety.  He has cataloged a total of 3,051 UFO sightings in counties that contain nuclear power plants.  This is in addition to the sightings and incidents at nuclear-armed military facilities such as Rendlesham Forest in the UK and Malmstrom AFB in Montana.

I can see a possible correlation between these power outages and UFOs.  There have been numerous reports of UFOs interfering with electrically-powered systems of one sort or another.  I am especially thinking of car engines dying out in the presence of a UFO or temporary loss of power to a single building as a UFO passes overhead.  In the Fire Officer's Guide to Disaster Control, firefighters are cautioned that if they approach a crashed UFO (yes, there is a chapter on it as you'll see if you click the link) that vehicle engines and portable generators may not be functional.  Radio communication with dispatch may also be spotty.  This all stands to reason if the propulsion systems of UFOs are somehow based on manipulating electromagnetic fields.

Where I end up rolling my eyes is when I hear assertions that the UFOs in question...if they even be such things in these cases...are attempting to siphon off power from our electrical plants for their own use.  Additionally, there are those who say the outages are just the UFO occupants' means of demonstrating superiority or otherwise evidencing malignant intentions.  While I can't speak much to the latter, the hypothesis of the former falls down when you consider how sophisticated UFO technology would have to be and how little our own electrical power would have to offer in such a case.  Why bother with our crude methods when the ultimate power source, namely a star such as the Sun, is nearby?

This of course all proceeds from assuming that the extraterrestrial hypothesis is the correct one.  If you try to take into account the hypotheses of "ultraterrestrials," John Keel's "superspectrum entities," or Mac Tonnies' "cryptoterrestrials" then the mind really bends.  It also generates (no pun intended) new motivations and possibilities.

More to come...

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