Wednesday, February 26, 2014

UFO incident at Height 611

I have only recently heard of this specific UFO case, a so-called "Russian Roswell."

The thing of it is, however, that phrase "Russian Roswell" has been applied to more than a handful of various incidents.  Anyway, the one I will be examining (if you can call it that given the source material) is an incident at a mountain termed Height 611 near Dalnegorsk, Russia.  My introduction to this case came via a television program entitled, Unsealed: Alien Files.

Oh boy is that a fun show.

You know the kind I'm talking about, right?  Lots of super-serious voiceover that continuously warns the viewer of sinister threats to the world from luciferian alien entities?  All of it coming without much in the way of solid evidence?  Prepare for the sciamachy!  Or as one family member once commented to me as I watched the show, "What are these 'files' that they are 'unsealing?'  Where did they get them?"

Relax.  It's just a TV show.  It's entertaining.  It's diverting.  I wouldn't take it for much more than that.  To wit, note the disclaimer at the beginning that basically says "if you take everything for fact on this show then it's not our fault."  That said, the program does sometimes introduce me to alleged but compelling UFO incidents that I have not previously heard of.  The Dalnegorsk "crash" is one such case.  I will now attempt to relate what I have found about the case outside of the TV episode.  Fair warning, I haven't been able to find much in the way of what I would call credible sources.  I am relying on a synopsis from...ugh...Wikipedia.  If anyone has solid sources they can point me towards, I would appreciate it.  Here we go.

On January 29th, 1986, residents of the then-Soviet town of Dalnegorsk witnessed a reddish orb in the sky half the size of the Moon's disc.  Other residents reported a structured, saucer-shaped craft, but what the witnesses seem to agree upon is that the UFO traveled in silence.  It moved parallel to the ground until coming to rest, again soundlessly, atop Height 611.  Three days later, a group of ufologists scaled the mountain to follow up on the reports.

It is said that they found an impact crater of about 2x2 meters and the surrounding trees of the area blackened into charcoal.  The truly odd aspect of the scene, it is said, was the presence of a coating of black, glassy, drop-shaped beads and mesh fragments.  An analysis of these beads was said to yield a chemical composition similar to that of debris found at the location of the Tunguska blast.  Unfortunately, that latter point was garnished with the Wikipedia's nefarious "citation needed."  Again, if anyone has real sources on this matter I would appreciate it (I guess it was mentioned in Stringfield's book, but I have yet to get to that.)

If true, this would be a landmark case.  I say this because it has exactly what the field of UFO studies lacks most of the time: physical evidence.  If the chemical composition of these glass beads could be determined and if said composition contains a large amount of elements that are rare on Earth, then the likely alternative is that the debris came from somewhere other than here.  So wouldn't that then indicate a meteorite?

Possibly.  Yet the contention for a meteorite flies in the face of the witness claims that the UFO made no sound...even on impact.  Then again, the physics of acoustics might have something to say about that and this whole incident may be much ado about nothing.

That is if Unsealed: Alien Files hasn't led me astray.  To quote Joe Namath:

"If...if...such a big word for only two letters."

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