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Interview with Joel Richardson

Joel Richardson is a writer, researcher, and the owner of the site UFO-Alien Research.
He graciously agreed to be interviewed by Esoteric Synaptic Events.
So without further ado, meet Joel:

-How did you develop an interest in UFOs?

I guess I really didn't get into UFOs and the idea of extraterrestrial life visiting Earth until my early 20's, although I had witnessed a UFO close up earlier in my years.

It actually happened kind of by chance. I was working part time building websites and was commissioned to build one on the psychic phenomenon. After putting together the site which is now no longer on the web, I was asked to help with marketing it. I didn't really know anything about psychics, or anything to do with the paranormal, but dived in to learn more about their customer base to help get the word out about their site and their services.

After a couple months of working on that, I started really researching UFOs and all of the leaders in Ufology for myself after coming across a lot of it on the web. I learned that there is a lot more evidence out there and witness testimonies by prominent people than I originally knew of. After that I built myself a site and started cataloging sightings, witness testimonies and abduction cases from around the world. When that started gaining ground people started contacting me with many stories, videos and images of UFOs. It's actually quite overwhelming at times trying to decipher all of the fakes that are sent in. All in all I feel I've helped a lot of people, especially the abductees that have no where else to turn because they feel they will be ridiculed.

-Which cases do you believe have the best evidence?

There are quite a lot of close up witness accounts by prominent people out there that I think can be construed as the best testimony. The astronaut Edgar Mitchell who was on the Apollo 14 mission, which was the third manned mission to the moon, is one of them. He has come out publicly, and said that aliens have been watching us for a long time now and the Governments of the world know about it. He claims that he has seen these crafts while on NASA missions. He claims the reason for denial is because we (as in Government employees) weren't sure if they were hostile or not and there was no way to know if we could protect ourselves from them. He claims that they are still out there watching us. News interview with him. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JhxxHxIEmO4

My favorite though is the Travis Walton case. Many know of the story because a movie was made from his experiences in the 90's called Fire in the Sky.

The short story is: He was working a logging contract in Arizona for the Federal Government when he and his coworkers started down the logging road to head home on November 5th, 1975. They saw a strange light in the woods and headed towards it. What they came upon, according to them, was a large UFO. Mr. Walton proceeded to get out of the truck and head towards it. He was then stuck by a beam of light and thrown, according to his coworkers. They fled out of fear and Mr. Walton wasn't seen for days. So long in fact, that his coworkers were thought to have murdered him as the police didn't believe the alien abduction story.

When he did reappear days later and miles down the road, he was extremely dehydrated and malnourished. It was clear he had not drunken or eaten anything in the time he was gone. He was immediately rushed to the hospital. He later told his story which no one believed except the men who had already corroborated it earlier to authorities.

What makes this case unique, and why I think it's one of the better ones as far as evidence goes, is because all of the men were asked to take polygraphs to prove their stories. All of them passed as what they said was true including Travis Walton except one which came back as simply inconclusive. You can read the full story here as well as see the results of the polygraphs and listen to hours of interviews by Mr. Walton. http://alien-ufo-research.com/travis-walton-abduction/

-Which theories (ET, superspectrum beings, etc.) as to UFO origins to you believe are the most likely?

If I understand the question correctly, I am a firm believer that UFO origins are from other worlds, with beings much like ourselves. Just a much more advanced civilization. I believe that they are here on a science mission to learn more about us much like we do at the bottom of the ocean or how we are currently looking for signs of life on Mars.

-Ever had any experiences of your own?

I have! When I was in my early teens a friend and myself were hiking in the woods of NH. No drinking or drugs for those that always seem to bring that up. Nightfall had just come and we headed up the hill back towards our town. After just coming into a clearing we noticed a large craft above us that was moving slowly much like a helicopter would. Kind of just hovering there, but there was no sound. I've flown helicopters and those things are very, very loud. Especially at that distance.

As it came closer we could see it clearly. It was large, like the size of a couple houses. It was round like your classic saucer shaped UFO and had no lights. After it hung there in the air for about 3 minutes it proceeded to move in a western direction and then took off at a great speed. Once again without making a sound. As with many people that contact me about their experiences, nobody believed us so we let it go.

I do like what I do, but physical evidence is impossible to come by to thoroughly satisfy the naysayers in the world. Any crash debris or actual alien life, as Edgar Mitchell says, is quickly covered up in order to keep the whole thing a secret. I do believe however, that in my lifetime we will have disclosure and perhaps even meet one of these advanced lifeforms.

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Thanks for speaking with ESE, Joel!

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