Tuesday, May 25, 2010

12 Events That Will Change Everything

Graymalkin found this amazing interactive feature on Scientific American's site.  Through a cool mix of media, you can see details on 12 different events that would change our lives forever.
To whet your appetite, here's a quick list of the 12:

1. Alien contact
2. Nuclear exchange
3. Global pandemic
4. Asteroid collision
5. Human cloning
6. The polar caps melt
7. Creation of artificial life
8. Room-temperature superconductors
9. Fusion energy
10. Pacific earthquake
11. Discovery of extra-dimensions
12. Machine self-awareness

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  1. If anyone has a different list of 12 or even a few events that you feel SA left out, by all means let's hear them!

  2. 13. Super volcano eruption
    14. Large solar flare

    I would have to argue with 5. Human cloning. We technically could clone a human being now, however not in the sci-fi way where the clone is grown at a hyper-accelerated rate. A human clone would be the equivalent of an identical twin who is born at a different time. Same genetic code but developmentally different. The only practical purpose for this, although highly unethical, is for medical transplant purposes as your clones blood and organs should be compatible with your own.

  3. Good additions.
    I'd have to go back and read the accompanying text, but what you just described is my big issue with human cloning. It won't be a "Blade Runner" type of situation, but whole different set of ethical questions involved. I tend to always believe in the worst that people can do so I'm certain there will be unscrupulous people who clone themselves simply to later harvest the organs.
    Perhaps SA should have included genetic engineering.


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