Monday, May 24, 2010

Graymalkin: solar systems, the multiverse, and talking to yourself

Have you ever looked at an atom!?  Of course you have!  But what I mean is
have you ever looked at a picture of what an atom looks like.  You know…
The big ball that is a proton and a neutron and then it has one or more
little electrons going around it.  Kinda looks like a solar system.

So if they really are solar systems, there sure are a lot of them!  I’m
pretty good with numbers, so for ease, let’s just say a googolplex of them!
I’m assuming that everyone knows that a googol is 10 raised to the 100th
power and a googolplex is 10 raised to the power of googol. 

Surely a statistician out there would confirm for me that it would be likely
that there is at least one intelligent species on one of those little
planets.  I’d like to talk to one of those little people, but the problem
with that would be that they are traveling close to the speed of light and
have lived out their entire existence in just the time it took me to type
this last word.  How could we communicate with those people then?  It would
be pretty cool send them a message and have one returned.  It might even be
possible to pose a question about something we don’t understand and have the
answer come back to us evolved to the most brilliant degree!

I imagine that wormholes exist at that scale just like they do in our scale.
Perhaps even a wormhole exists that travels from our scale to their scale,
if you consider Murdoch’s multiverse theory, it could even extend into their
universe.  So all we need to do is find a wormhole somewhere that travels to
that universe and send a message. 

The only problem I have is that with my luck I would probably tend to find
the universes that are not populated with sentient beings, so I would end up
wasting a lot of time talking to myself or sending radio messages into

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  1. Do you think it might be possible, however unlikely, that if a version of yourself was to exist in another universe your thoughts might co-exist. That is, the possibility that you might have the same thought. Reality is only what you experience, what is really reality when you look at things in microcosm, the sub atomic level when the laws of physics break down.
    A thought - it's always a past emotion, does it echo.

  2. Wow. That is an intriguing concept.
    It's odd how I can almost more readily accept an object existing in two places at once than I can a conscious thought. Love the idea, though.


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