Thursday, May 20, 2010

Graymalkin: DNA revolution

I remember being so fascinated by deoxyribonucleic acid when I first heard
that word. I couldn’t stop saying it for at least a day (at least it was in
my head and not out loud). Understanding the building blocks of life became
a passion for me and still to this day, my brain activity spikes anytime I
see DNA in a headline.

We are getting to the point where we are starting to ‘mess’ with DNA.

Some people are thinking about making their kids male or female or blond
hair children with blue eyes or whatever in the hell the want.

Some people are afraid of the consequences of messing with their children’s
DNA and see the repercussions of what will happen when their children are
‘natural’ and considered functionally retarded by the rest of society.

I don’t care what color my kids are or what sex they are or even if they are
asexual beings! My fear is that if we don’t take the opportunity to enhance
our DNA and make the next generation more capable of solving the world’s
problems we are going to end up in a world similar to the one described in
the movie “Idiocracy”. A world in which the overpopulation of the
under-educated beer drinking poor population out-breeds the educated wine
drinking population!

If I have children I will engineer my semen and my wife’s ovum to the
maximum of our technological prowess! My offspring will come out with IQ’s
way beyond the chart of intelligent quotient. My kids will come out
speaking all languages fluently and performing complex mathematical

Why would you not give your offspring the best chance at succeeding in this

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