Friday, May 28, 2010

Graymalkin--How to Educate a Future Human

First we are going to need an advanced computer to human interface of some
sort. Let's just say for shits and giggles that all humans will have
interfaces to computers genetically engineered into them so that they can
communicate directly with computers combined with implants that are
themselves bio-electrical computers. Basically DNA is just one big computer;
so essentially, I am saying that humans will have direct control over their

Second, we are going to need to have some great drugs that speed up the
biological factor of creating new axons and neurons in the brain. I'm not
going to dig into neural architecture for this anymore than to say we need a
way for the knowledge gained to be quickly formed into memories in the

Third we will need a computer simulate to run the educational modules. The
best way to learn something is to become truly immersed in it, so we'll just
call our computer simulation education module a fancy Sim City. Now just
program the parameters that you want to learn into the model and plug
yourself in and enjoy the game.

I'm assuming that for complete emersion a routine will need to somehow block
the reality of your existence from your Sim avatar, so obviously you will
have that parameter of the simulation in place. Now just immerse yourself
into the simulation and wait for the program to run to completion. It will
probably only take half an day or so to live a lifetime in the simulation

If you want to learn to speak Japanese, you will basically be a Japanese
child. If you want to learn empathy for cripples, you will be like me. I'm
just saying that when I was asked by the college professors the
philosophical question, "Is the tree real, or is it just a veil of
perception?" I will answer, "That is part of the program!"

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