Friday, May 28, 2010

Ten Puzzling Ancient Artifacts

When we're dead and gone, how will we be remembered?
If an Extinction Level Event occurred, it is doubtful it would wipe out all 6 billion of us.  At least a few stragglers would survive.  The handful that were left, if conditions improved, would repopulate the species.  What would be remembered of our life now?  Probably shadowy sketches.  The things that legends arise from.  Perhaps there would even be ritual ceremonies, mimicking what was once complex surgery or computer operations.  All of it, dim vestiges of a decimated past.  The kind of thing that Atlantis is to us today: something from long ago that no one believes is real anymore.
So maybe there was a civilization before us.  Maybe humans are far older than established archeology wants to think.  Maybe. 
Graymalkin found this nifty link that describes ten artifacts from the ancient world that cannot easily be explained away.  For as Graymalkin says, "I always wondered if I was digging in my backyard and found a rusty piece of crap if I would see the potential in it being the missing link to some ancient civilization or if I would toss it aside and keep digging."

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  1. Creationists would argue that instability in the layers of the earth would account for misplaced objects. I KNOW BETTER.

    I wrote down a couple of these for future stories.

    Who's Graymalkin?

  2. Graymalkin is a man of mystery that I have known since 1985.
    In other words, I'll let you know in an email.

    1. graymalkin is also a marvel character lol


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