Monday, May 17, 2010

Mind the gap

Yes, yes.  I know.  I said I would have daily updates to Strange Horizons and for the past weekend that has not been the case. 
Alas, my home computer needed to have diagnostics run on it at the Apple store and has only recently been returned (and let me tell you, being unplugged from the Net for two days was nigh unbearable.)  That combined with my own viral infection have been the cause of my absence.  But do not fret.  Both the computer and myself are back to running at peak performance in the case of the Mac or as good as it gets in my own case.
The one silver lining in the whole matter was my Kobe beef burger and amazing fries at Chef's Corner.  If you are ever anywhere in the Chicago suburbs, do yourself a favor and check this little place out.  Not a bad bit on the menu.  Then you can stop by Cookie Dough Creations for a cookie dough milk shake.

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