Sunday, May 23, 2010

The "Secret Girlfriend"

First, let me just say that I am a very happily married man.
But should my dear wife shrug off this mortal coil before me (and I shudder to think that could be so) or more likely, she finally gets tired of all my geekyness and bolts, I know the one woman I would attempt to woo.  In my dreams, anyway.
Meet Asia Carrera.  Yes, she is a former actress in the "gentleman's cinema."  Yes, she is beautiful...with striking attributes that range from gorgeous eyes and a killer smile to aspects more prurient in nature.  But that does not even come close to a summation of her appeal to me.
Ms. Carrera is a member of MENSA.  She has studied literature and particle physics.  She earned a full-ride to Rutgers University.  She is an accomplished classical pianist and has played Carnegie Hall.  She programs her own code and had her own website up far before her industry peers.  Let me say that one more time fellas, she programs her own code.  All that and she was a well-known player in Unreal tournaments online.  She even refers to herself as "The Geek."  swoon and sigh...
So why, one might ask, did she choose to pursue a career in the adult entertainment industry when she has such obvious mental ability?  (I for one in no way begrudge her choice.  Let me make that ABSOLUTELY clear.)  Well, two reasons.  One, she ran away from home in her late teens due to inhumanly strict academic expectations placed on her by her parents.  She therefore needed a means to survive on her own and stripping and modeling are a path to easy money for a young woman of her hotness.  Secondly, Asia was able to make more money in adult film than she probably ever could have with academic pursuits.  Says a lot about us, doesn't it?
In the past few years, Asia has been through quite a bit.  She has been blessed with two children and struck by the passing of her husband.  Yet despite it all and struggling against the human demons that pop up in the wake of such things, she's still standing.  She's a brilliant and driven woman who in my own head will always be my "secret girlfriend."  Thank you, Asia!
Disclaimer: the "secret girlfriend" stuff is all in fun.  I don't mean to sound like I'm waiting outside her house wearing nightvision goggles.  I'll instead focus on getting all that Italian marble through customs so I can commission the statue of her that I want placed in front of the Smithsonian.

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  1. How is her acting? If Ghosty II gets made into a movie, I could see her as Miss Tobol...

  2. She's pretty fair, I would say. Of course the projects I've seen her in were fairly light on plot and characterization.

  3. Comments from Facebook

    Dr. Rich: If we ever need to collect DNA samples from people to repopulate the Earth after it's habitable again, let's make sure she's on the list.

    The Goddess: Heh Heh

  4. It has been pointed out to me that "geekiness" is spelled without a "y."
    I regret the error. :/


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