Thursday, May 20, 2010

Administration understates oil spill

Just sit back and watch the finger-pointing as The New York Times has published an article "accusing the government of failing to conduct an adequate scientific analysis of the damage and of allowing BP to obscure the spill’s true scope," in the words of MSNBC.

Okay, hands up.  Who here is shocked?  You mean old white men and oil companies are still running the show?  Huh.  Didn't see that one coming.  Even a man as idealistic as Obama must have known the powerful resistance he would face from the oil industry.  I mean, those guys buy politicians the way I buy paper towels. So then they get to make the rules for as the old political adage goes, "it's good to be the King."
I am not blithely unaware of the need for the necessary evil for offshore drilling.  We are a nation utterly dependent on the black blood of the Earth.  And it goes far beyond our fuel needs.  Even if we could miraculously change the engine of every automobile in America overnight to one that runs on clean, alternative energy, we still wouldn't be free of oil.  Oil is used to create polymers.  Oil is needed for tires and for plastics.  Just take a quick look around at wherever you're sitting and...unless you're currently in a meadow using'll see how much we need plastic.  Hell, even if you're in that meadow, plastic went into your laptop or your mobile so there we go.  Can't win for losing.
Getting the world off of oil will be like treating a heroin addict.  We'll have to step things down gradually, maybe with the use of an alternative energy hybrid, serving as the equivalent of methadone.  We'll have to find a solution to the issue of plastics, one that is very much a matter of practical need versus damage done.  We'll have to come up with new ways to problem solve every time it seems that the easy way out is to self-medicate and get back on the oil habit.
And we'll also have our old white drug dealers, constantly bashing us about the head and shoulders with cries of "you need this, man!  Don't lie!  Why lie?  I got good shit here, baby.  My shit's so pure it'll make your car run better than any of that hybrid/electrical/helium junk!  You ain't nothin' without me!  You without me like cornflake without da milk!" 

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